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What is Dental Care And How is it Done

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What is Dental Care and How is It Done

Oral and dental health is the part of our body that needs the most attention and care. If this maintenance is not done properly, ailments are inevitable. Tooth and gum problems are one of the most common health problems both in our country and in the world.

But, like other health problems, it is not important because it does not directly affect our lives. Dental and gum problems are one of the problems that we do not care about until we reach a certain discomfort point and do not raise our hands for their treatment. So, what are these problems and how are they treated? Here are the answers.

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Causing Factors

If you have a bad breath problem, you may have tooth decay or gum disease. Therefore, the cause of this bad breath should be investigated and a physician should be visited. It is one of the most important dental health problems. When minimal bleeding occurs, it should be examined immediately.

Inflammations that occur in areas such as gums and gums cause bad smell and this condition is called gum disease. Untreated gingivitis can go up to inflammation of the jaw bone if not intervened. Tooth decay and gum ailments cause tonsillitis, sinusitis inflammation, digestive problems, and bad breath. It is also a problem that negatively affects one’s social relationships.

As with all conditions, early diagnosis is very important. It should be examined twice a year. Applications such as regular brushing of the teeth, proper brushing, continuous use of dental floss, not consuming excessively sweet food, brushing the teeth without delay when taking sweet food are basic applications. Acid and sugary food products increase the effect of microorganisms. Hardshell foods such as nuts and walnuts should never be broken with teeth. Otherwise, the enamel cracks and these cracks also set the ground for bacteria to settle.

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