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Pay Attention After Tooth Extraction Turkey

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Pay Attention After Tooth Extraction

Pay Attention After Tooth Extraction; Tooth extraction is performed in the teeth for which duct therapy is not sufficient, milk teeth that do not fall on time, dangerous wisdom teeth, incomplete buried teeth, broken teeth due to any impact and orthodontic treatment. However, no teeth that can be treated should be withdrawn.

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First, the drugs given by the physician should be used before tooth extraction. Before tooth extraction, if the patient has conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure and heart, he / she should report this condition to the dentist. If possible, the patient should brush his teeth, and to reduce the rate of bacteria in the mouth, the mouth should be rinsed with antiseptic water.

The person to be pulled should be calm and share this with the dentist if he is afraid of the dentist. Today, although the fear of dentists is tried to be overcome, this fear can be experienced by many patients. But if the patient informs the dentist about the subject, this fear can be overcome by talking. If the patient cannot overcome his fear, shooting can also be done under general anesthesia.

The tampon placed on the wound by the dentist should not be thrown away immediately, but it should be kept on the empty area for at least 25 -30 minutes. After the tampon is thrown, it should not be replaced if possible. This is necessary so that the blood clot formed on the wound does not disperse. If you change the tampon frequently, you will prevent the clot from forming.

The clot will close the draft cavity like a natural tampon and will make the necessary preparation for the cavity to be filled with bone in the future. If the clot is prevented from forming or the clot is broken, wound healing is impaired and a painful process begins. Tooth loss in the mouth causes various digestive disorders. For this reason, one of the dental treatments such as implants, bridges, and prostheses, which the doctor deems appropriate, can be applied to the patient.

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