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How to Remove Teeth Deficiency?

Dental implant treatments

How to Remove Teeth Deficiency?

How to Remove Teeth Deficiency?; There are many methods in dentistry today to fill dental deficiencies. The healthiest and most accurate of these is selected by your dentist, taking into account the location, number of teeth deficiencies, the condition of other tissues, and your general health status.

Total, complete dentures: If all teeth in the mouth are lost, total complete dentures are made. In recent years, complete prostheses made by placing implants in the jaw bone and prepared with the support of them now make patients feel that they are chewing with their own teeth and are therefore frequently preferred.

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Partial Dentures

If there are not enough teeth to make a fixed prosthesis in the mouth, removable prostheses, which are made by taking support from the remaining teeth and tissue, are called partial dentures. The teeth on the removable dentures are made of quality plastic teeth.

Porcelain Teeth

How to Remove Teeth Deficiency?; Fixed prostheses, also known as bridges, crowns, and veneers, are prostheses that are applied in the mouth with a few teeth and are prepared in the laboratory by cutting (shrinking) the supporting teeth and adhere to the teeth. They are prostheses made in place of the parts of the teeth that appear in the mouth and which cannot be removed by the patient.

It is accepted by the patient more easily than the prosthesis that can be attached and removed, but some conditions must be present in order to be applied. The procedure is completed in 3-4 sessions and 1 week following the preparation and measurement of the teeth. There are varieties of the prosthesis as metal-supported ceramic (porcelain), non-metallic ceramic (porcelain), porcelain laminate. The most suitable for your mouth will be determined by your doctor.


Implant are artificial tooth roots placed in the jaw bone and made of special material in order to restore the function and aesthetics of missing teeth.

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